Roadshow 2023 – We have the winners of the driving competition!

Roadshow 2023 has now officially ended, and the truck has made its safe return to the early winter landscapes of Finland. We are thrilled to announce the top-performing drivers in the European welding world. Drum, roll, please: the fastest time and the winner of Roadshow-branded Kemppi Master M 205 comes from the United Kingdom, which has long and successful traditions in motorsports. In addition to the Roadshow-branded welding machine, the winner will claim the new Beta Art special edition welding helmet.

Winners in Kemppi Roadshow driving simulator competition

Master M 205 welding machine and Beta Art welding helmet: Jack from the United Kingdom with time 40.624

Beta Art helmet winners by country:

Poland: Filip with time 43.863

Germany: Marco with time 44.281

Italy: Riccardo with time 45.464

France: Julian with time 45.611

Sweden: Björn with time 47.900

The Roadshow 2023 was all about meeting new people, having engaging and exciting discussions, enjoying good food, and, most significantly, exploring the world of welding and Kemppi´s innovative, customer-centric welding products. We hope you can soon experience in action the new products. Thank you for being an essential part of the journey.


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