Sales of Kemppi welding gloves have started

We developed Kemppi welding gloves to keep welding hands out of harm’s way. Kemppi welding gloves have been developed with Kemppi’s uncompromising design integrity and safety standards, with high-quality materials for excellent functionality.

“It simply felt like a logical next step in our product development – since we know welding, we had a good sense of what is required from a pair of truly great welding gloves,” says Roger Rasmussen, Vice President of the Kemppi Torches, Consumables and Safety Business Unit.

Kemppi welding gloves come in two price point product lines: a Pro line made of the highest-grade materials with added protective and functional features and a Craft line of protective welding gloves that are, simply put, very, very good. Both lines fit both female and male welders and come in a wide range of sizes.

Check out the product page to get to know the full range; both lines are now available for Kemppi dealers and distributors through Kemppi eOrdering. In eCommerce countries, Poland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, welding gloves can be bought online. You can also contact your Kemppi representative for more information.


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