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TIG and MIG welding torches to improve everyday welding comfort and efficiency.

Flexlite is a series of welding torches, designed for reliable welding performance. They focus on improving everyday welding comfort and welding productivity. The series includes welding torches for both MIG/MAG welding and TIG welding. The Flexlite torches are available as gas and water cooled versions in alternative power classes, lengths and value levels.

Flexlite products feature specific user values, including light weight, balance, and reduced wrist loading. Silicon rubber material and innovative design gives a firm grip and allows the welder to concentrate on producing the perfect weld in any welding position.

The Flexlite series offers quality consumables of increased durability and extra long lifetime. To get the best quality and cost-effectiveness for your welding, equip your Flexlite torch with Kemppi consumables.

Excellent ergonomics

Excellent ergonomics

Efficient welding

Efficient welding

Long consumable life

Long consumable life

Flexlite GX

Flexlite GX is a series of MIG/MAG welding guns for professionals. It is designed to increase welding productivity and weld quality. Flexlite GX welding guns are available in alternative power classes and lengths, including different neck types.

Flexlite TX

Flexlite TX is a series of welding torches for TIG welding, demanding accuracy. Their innovative design and ergonomic handles are shaped to the hand. Flexlite TX welding torches are available in different neck types, which provide the best ergonomics for welding in all positions.

Flexlite GF

The Flexlite GF product series consists of several MIG/MAG welding guns with a fume extraction function.

Flexlite GC

The Flexlite GC product series contains five lightweight and robust entry-level welding gun models for MIG/MAG welding processes.

Consumables affect on welding quality

It's important to select the right consumables for your welding torch. In addition to Flexlite welding torches, Kemppi offers all consumables for the MIG guns as well as the TIG torches. When you seek the best welding quality and productivity, give a try to Kemppi consumables.

Shaped to your hand

Flexlite welding torches are a natural extension to your hand. Regardless of your welding or holding position, Flexlite torch hits the spot. The anatomically shaped handle gives a firm grip and innovative design takes care of the ergonomic welding position.

It's all about quality

High-performance Flexlite torches use the power source capacity efficiently and help you create high-quality, smooth and spatter-free welds.

Flexlite GX for MIG welding

Flexlite TX for TIG welding

Flexlite GF - MIG/MAG welding guns with a fume extraction

Flexlite GC for MIG/MAG welding


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