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Heavy steel construction with Kemppi FastMig welding equipment

By today, FUD Crane Solutions Ltd. has produced more than 12,000 overhead cranes and 550 jib cranes to its customers. The 230-employee enterprise handles annually over 2,000 tons of steel (S235, S355, Hardox) to produce cranes and other steel constructions. Due to its long tradition of cooperation with many industries, FUD can provide its customers fully customized turnkey solutions that span from product design and construction to installation and ongoing support.

Among FUD’s customers are both small local enterprises and large European companies – like Siemens, Alstom, Michelin and Arcelor Mittal – with worldwide investments at ports, smelters, mines, power plants, production and processing facilities. In the market, FUD's success lies in its understanding of the customer’s needs and excellent price-quality ratio, not to mention the consistent quality of products and services.

Steel construction and structures

Mińsk Mazowiecki, Poland

Custom-made steel construction: Since 1898, FUD Crane Solutions Ltd. has been manufacturing cranes and other steel constructions at its production facility near Warsaw, Poland. The reliable, low-maintenance and easy-to-use Kemppi equipment help the company to maintain its competitiveness in both local and global markets.

Main challenge

The welders mainly work with structural steel using MIG/MAG processes in both assembly and service, and gouging. In maintenance, they also use TIG and MMA equipment. To ensure high productivity and competitiveness in the ever-growing competition, FUD needs welding equipment that requires minimal repair and off-site maintenance.

"We sell added value, not just products, and we try to solve our customers' problems in a comprehensive way - once and for all. Every day, we make sure that the final product delivered to a client is produced using high-quality gases and with continuously validated tools, which enable consistent quality and match with our designers' plans," says Maintenance Manager Marcin Jaworowski.

Kemppi machines are made to work in the heavy production environment, and they match our needs completely. The welders praise them for their durability and their ease of use.

Tomasz Gałązka, Production Foreman of Welding Department, FUD S.A.

Kemppi's solution

After testing products from various manufacturers, FUD acquired Kemppi's FastMig X and FastMig M system equipment for the workshop, along with ArcValidator for equipment validation. The equipment is suited for welding large-sized objects with long interconnection cables. They are operated in two shifts, and every machine is attributed to a welder. For personal health and safety, the welders also use Beta 90 FreshAir welding helmets with air purifying respirators.

Tomasz Gałązka, Production Foreman at Welding Department, says that the welders praise the equipment for their durability and ease of use.

"Kemppi machines match our needs completely. The memory channels for saving welding programs speed up the process, and the synergic panel helps in fast operations, for example with WPS documents which include a lot of different welding positions in different material thicknesses," Gałązka says.

Jaworowski is also very satisfied with the Kemppi equipment. He regards Kemppi as a supplier of optimized, complex, and custom-made solutions with a knowledgeable after sales support team.

"Kemppi products generate us direct savings: The process quality is stable. There is less need for service personnel involvement because of fewer breakdowns. The validation costs have also decreased, because we don't have to send machines outside the factory for validation anymore. We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with Kemppi."

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