Metallbau Bruns GmbH & Co. KG

Expert in thin sheet metal processing and longitudinal seam welding

X8 MIG Welder and WisePenetration+ in semiautomatic welding

Metallbau Bruns relies on X8 MIG Welders in producing welded structures for height access technology. Two of the welding systems are at work in the semi-automated area, welding up to 11-meter-long longitudinal seams in telescopic booms for aerial work platforms. The use of WisePenetration+ improves welding quality and saves both time and money, as fewer weld passes are needed.

Metallbau Bruns was founded in 2003 with a total of four employees. The company now consists of 80 people, of whom around 70 are welding personnel. Bruns is one of the few companies in Germany that has all welding permits in the fine-grain structural steel sector. The production area includes components for truck and trailer cranes, aerial work platforms, telescopes for wheel loaders, screening systems as well as the in-house product UBOXX, a high-performance container.

Thanks to its subcontracting partnerships, Bruns is able to offer everything from a single source, from new designs to partial assembly of entire booms, including painting. To prevent the shortage of skilled workers, Bruns trains several welders every year so that the required skills are learned from scratch, especially in the thin sheet metal sector.

Metallbau Bruns
Steel construction and structures
Reken, Germany
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Al, Fe
We are very satisfied with the quality of welding results with Kemppi’s X8 MIG Welder in manual and mechanized welding. The WisePenetration+ welding function is a very useful option on our longitudinal seam system.

Denis Hoppe, welding supervisor, Metallbau Bruns GmbH & Co. KG.

Correct processing of fine-grain structural steel and aluminum

The main challenge at Bruns is the processing of fine-grain structural steel and aluminum. Fine-grain structural steel is very sensitive in terms of heat input, while the 1.5 mm aluminum sheets are also very time-consuming to process.

The manufacturing of aerial work platforms that can reach up to 60 meters in height gets especially tricky when welding the longitudinal seams of the telescopic booms. The telescopic booms, which later enable the platform to be extended, consist of two composite half-shells with a narrow opening angle. In the conventional manual welding process, there is a risk of welding distortion and spatter, which makes the reworking of the weld seam necessary.

Time and material cost savings with WisePenetration+

Metallbau Bruns welds the telescopic boom for aerial work platforms with their water-cooled X8 MIG Welders. The welding process takes place on both sides, with two welding guns moving in parallel on a trolley along the longitudinal seam. In this semi-automatic application, the X8 MIG Welder performs pulse welding with Ø 0.8mm and Ø 1.0mm filler wire, depending on the material thickness.

Available in Kemppi's welding systems designed for industrial welding, the Wise modified arc processes are software solutions that raise welding performance to a new level by enhancing the conventional MIG/MAG welding process. Bruns relies on WisePenetration+, a welding function for synergic and pulsed MIG/MAG welding. This process makes it possible to weld deep and narrow joints, as required when assembling the two telescopic boom half-shells. As a result, fewer weld passes are needed, which saves the welder a lot of time and filler wire.

WisePenetration+ also guarantees perfect penetration regardless of the distance between the contact tip and the workpiece. As the welding current remains stable in all situations despite the variation in stick-out length, welding quality improves because fewer welding spatters are produced and land on the workpiece. In most cases, reworking on the weld seam is no longer necessary while material cost savings are achieved by having fewer weld passes in the joint structure.


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A welding function for ensured penetration in synergic MIG/MAG welding.

A welding function for ensured penetration in synergic MIG/MAG welding.

X8 MIG Welder

Advanced system equipment for demanding industrial MIG/MAG welding with an upgradeabl...

Advanced system equipment for demanding industrial MIG/MAG welding with an upgradeable power source up to 600 A.

The X8 MIG Welder is a multi-process welding solution that redefines welding performance and usability. It includes a digital WPS feature.

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