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Flexible robotic welding with A7 MIG Welder

As a manufacturer of robotized material handling systems, Orfer Oy applies its automation and robotics expertise also in contract manufacturing. Flexible and reliable welding power sources are critical for successful automation.

Based in Orimattila, Finland, Orfer Oy innovates, engineers, manufactures and maintains robotized material handling systems for its customers worldwide. The company also imports Toshiba and Kawasaki industrial robots and integrates them into these systems. In addition, Orfer provides contract manufacturing services for producing medium-heavy steel structures with robotic cells of its own design and make.

Orfer’s strong expertise in robotics and industrial automation is a result of cooperation with its customers, own production, and long-term integration partnership with Kawasaki. The company has also invested in modern manufacturing techniques, such as laser cutting, and own machining.

Orimattila, Finland
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The weld seam tracking of A7 MIG Welder works well also in tight spaces by compensating for small variations. It is a necessary feature in our line of work.

Tuomas Jämsen, welder and operator, Orfer

The secret to successful integration

Flexible robotic welding would bring the benefits of automated serial production even to manufacturing environments where the size of the production runs fluctuates sharply, and the workpieces change all the time. However, stable operation, repeatable quality, and running an unmanned 24-hour production require successful integration and a reliable welding power source that adjusts the welding parameters precisely and flexibly. Orfer uses Kemppi welding equipment almost exclusively both in manual and robotic welding.

Productivity with flexibility

Orfer’s three own welding robots operate at the factory in Orimattila, Finland, serving as pilots for the successful integration cooperation between Kemppi and Kawasaki. The newest robotic welding cell has gathered experience with A7 MIG Welder's power source. Orfer’s Business Unit and Production Director, Sakari Kokkonen, commends its operability.

"The robot changes its settings every time the workpiece changes. By calling the parameters needed from the power source’s memory channels, the robot can even weld complete single pieces at a time. The cell is flexible with both series size and capacity so that productivity won't suffer, and welding won’t become a bottleneck in the process.”

According to Kokkonen, the equipment can be set up quite easily if the robot cell produces only one product. When the robot can face any product at any given time on a production line, the weld starts and stops must be of high quality each time.

“A reliable and trouble-free welding power source is indispensable, as there are enough distractions in the production environment anyway. For us, reliability means durability, and certainty in settings. And A7 MIG Welder has been working exactly like that.”

The need for maintenance has been minimal for the Kemppi welding fleet. “We’ve mostly just replaced consumables when needed. Kemppi’s repair and maintenance service has worked well and quickly and has never left us in trouble," Kokkonen concludes.

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