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Faster root pass welding with FastMig X and WiseRoot+

Technip Offshore Finland was able to speed up its welding production with Kemppi's FastMig X welding equipment and the WiseRoot+ special process designed for root pass welding without compromising high-quality work in its hurricane-proof spar platforms.

Technip Offshore Finland Oy is an expert in offshore construction with a staff of 700 people. The company is a part of the French Technip Group, and specializes in building floating spar platforms (Single Point Anchor Reservoir) for oil and gas production especially in deep seas. In the 2000s, the yard has supplied a number of spar platforms for use in the Gulf of Mexico, which calls for hurricane-proof construction.

Due to the high risks of the offshore industry, Technip is dedicated to safety and quality. Around 100 staff members are involved in the in-house quality management system. Thanks to determined investments in its expertise and quality, Technip's Pori yard has even won contracts to complete platforms begun at other yards.

Technip Offshore Finland
Pori, Finland
Kemppi's solution
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The weldability of FastMig X is excellent. Its usability is on a good level, and the basic parameters are very easy to set. It works very well at low currents and also strikes well, which extends contact tip life.

Sauli Alenius, Welder, Technip Offshore Finland Oy

Main challenge

The guiding principle of Technip's Pori construction yard is continuous development, in which welding technology plays a key role. The quality standards in the offshore industry are exceptionally high due to the extremely harsh operating conditions on high seas. Such criteria set their standards also for welding. Having trusted Kemppi's welding equipment for years, Technip enquired after the latest developments in welding technology and state-of-the-art equipment that would meet the strict requirements set on heavy offshore construction.

Kemppi's solution

In 2013, Technip received a delivery of Kemppi's FastMig X 450 multi-process welding machines. The equipment quickly received positive feedback from both welders and production managers alike after having undergone welding procedure qualification tests and trials at Technip's construction yard. Technip's experienced welders commended FastMig X for its ability to perform very well even when low welding values were used.

Especially the Kemppi-developed welding process for pipe welding, WiseRoot+, was warmly welcomed for its ability to allow previously difficult pipe-welding locations at the 12-2 and 4-6 o'clock positions to be welded easily and quickly. As a result, welding production took less time, when ceramic root backing was no longer needed.

Featured solutions

FastMig X

High-class multi-process solution for diverse demanding welding applications.

High-class multi-process solution for diverse demanding welding applications.


An innovative and award-winning subfeeder that offers wire feed assist you can count ...

An innovative and award-winning subfeeder that offers wire feed assist you can count on. Extends regular reach with up to 25 meters. Compatible with Kemppi FastMig and Pro welding equipment and standard Euro MIG welding guns.


WiseRoot is an optimized short arc process for root pass welding without backing.

WiseRoot is an optimized short arc process for root pass welding without backing.

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