More quality and speed in aluminum welding with robotics

Ocotec ensures consistent welds with AX MIG Welder

The versatile AX MIG Welder robotic welding system is ideal for welding thin sheet materials such as aluminum.

Ocotec Oy started using Kemppi's AX MIG Welder robotic welding system. The system integration was quick and was implemented in practice by Robomatik Oy. The versatile features of the AX MIG Welder support Ocotec's strict quality requirements, and its ease of use and operation with any device is appreciated by the operators using the system.

Ocotec is a family-owned company founded in 1992. The company employs around 30 people and has a turnover of about 3 million euros. 

Ocotec designs and manufactures equipment cabinets, enclosures, tunnels, and chambers from sheet metal materials for challenging industrial environments. The products are protected against dust, water, fire, radiation, or electromagnetic interference, depending on the need and the stringent quality requirements. Ocotec's customers are in the defense industry, ICT, shipbuilding, automation, mining, and other industries.

The company's products and services are divided into three segments:

  1. Fully customized manufacturing, starting from the design
  2. Standard products, which can also be customized according to the customer's needs
  3. Subcontracting from customer's drawings
Sheet metal manufacturing
Kemppi's solution
Base material
Al, Special materials, Ss, Fe
Kemppi is a very integral part of our success. We have always been a Kemppi house, and our employees don't even agree to use other equipment. What we like about Kemppi’s equipment, like the AX MIG Welder, is the clarity and user-friendliness of the interface.

Jouni Lind, CEO, Ocotec Oy

Top quality and additional capacity

Ocotec wanted to invest in robotic welding machines to ensure the quality of its products.

"Quality is our competitive advantage. Our products must meet our customers' quality requirements and, for example, IP-rated products must be fully dust and waterproof where necessary. Especially for mission-critical products, meeting tight requirements is part of our product quality. Quality is also ensured with our welding solutions," says Jouni Lind, CEO.

"What we expected from the AX MIG Welder was a seam we could always rely on for consistency and tightness. The AX will be particularly helpful to us in quality assurance for welding aluminum and stainless steel."

The robotic cell also provided Ocotec with additional welding capacity. This will enable it to manufacture its products on a larger scale and thus find additional opportunities to acquire new customers. Robotics also helps to manufacture smaller batches efficiently and profitably.

At Ocotec, the AX MIG Welder also addresses labor availability challenges.

"Today, and especially in the future, it is easier to recruit workers because the modern, almost game-like, robots are more attractive than manual welding," says Jouni Lind.

Quick and easy integration with the robot

The AX MIG Welder is a state-of-the-art automated MIG/MAG welding solution. The complete and balanced package includes a wire feeder, X5 FastMig power source, interconnection cables, and a cooling unit.

The AX MIG Welder can be integrated with any robot. At Ocotec, the integration with the Turin TKB2030 robot went very smoothly and without surprises, according to Lind. Welding parameters were easily found based on previous parameters. The entire stock of consumables and accessories did not need to be replaced, as the consumables and interconnection cables of the A7 MIG Welder already in use were also suitable for the AX MIG Welder. This sped up and simplified the setup process. "The support and aftercare have worked, and after the test welds, we had the robotic cell in production with just a few weeks of installation," says Lind.

The integration for Ocotec was a joint effort between Kemppi and Robomatik representatives. Robomatik is based in Vilppula, Finland, and its products include design, manufacturing, and integrating processing tables for welding jigs and welding robots, as well as programming, training, consulting, and maintenance related to welding robotics.

"Compared to other power sources, the AX MIG Welder is easy and quick to install. This is also essential for the customer so that production interruptions are kept to a minimum," says Jani Matikainen, Managing Director of Robomatik.

Robomatik has a lot of experience with Kemppi equipment and robot integrations. "We always discuss things openly with Kemppi, and as a result, we develop products together. In Finland in particular, Kemppi's domestic presence is a clear advantage, and cooperation with a well-known brand has also expanded our customer base," says Matikainen.

The AX MIG Welder also marks a new step in the long-term relationship between Ocotec and Kemppi.

"The ease and straightforwardness of the integration strengthened our good cooperation. The fact that Kemppi is a Finnish company is also very important to us. Kemppi provides us with a good service network and efficient customer service," says Ocotec's Jouni Lind.

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